The last couple months have really been full of a lot of uninteresting jobs. And what a bummer, because I’m really looking for some momentum so I can get a bunch of pieces done for the show next year. I finished a kitchen in Carmel about a month and a half ago. I don’t know what was worse the fact that it was doing the kind of stuff I use to do years ago, and trying to get away from, or that I got stuck doing another concrete counter top for it. Not just the counter top though. Backsplash and about 30 little concrete tiles. You would think that after doing as many concrete tops I’ve done it would be easy by now. Its not, I stress out just as much as if it was my first, and it always ends up seeming to be the longest day of my life. The upside to it all was that the lady I did it for was such a neat lady, and she was so stoked on everything I did. Customers like that make you want to go the extra mile, even if you would rather be doing something else.

The last couple weeks have progressively gotten better. I started making my bench I thought up on the way home from the dwell show. I thought I would make it out of resin…. which was a real pain, but a learning experience. Theres a few things I want to change about it, but overall I like it. I’m in the process of making a rubber mold, so I can make them out of concrete. I’m trying to figure out every possible way to bring the price down. I hope to make them affordable for the average person. So I really thought the whole thing out before I built it (for once) I made jigs and templates for everything, so when I go to build another one, it’ll be a snap…well kinda.  I need to find a good plant to put in it, which seems to be a struggle.

I got going on the two Torino’s Aaron and I had started about six+ months ago.  Like everything from now on I’m trying to streamline. Which again, is almost laughable if you know me. But none the less, I’m trying, so in the spirit of that, I’m making two of everything for these Torino’s. Im changing up the sliding door on one of them. Instead of the fluted look I’m trying something a messed with on a door I did on a storage piece in a kids room.   Hopefully I can get those Torino’s done and get them to a gallery or two.

Speaking of the kids room, there was one thing that made it fun. I messed with making some toy chests that were a bit different, using a metal pipe that they pivoted on. If nothing else I like the color combo…. can’t go wrong on walnut, orange, and white.

Then there’s the chicken coop I’m making in the back of our house… well me and Parker.

Every so often I go out the Hielmans salvage yard. I have a huge crush on this place. I usually have to set aside a half day. This place is like walking through one of those huge antique stores, you sometimes see something for the first time after walking past it for the third time. Its probably about 4 or five acres of metal junk. Not to mention the huge warehouse of the cream of the crop junk. I took my camera this time because I can’t buy everything I think is cool, because my wife would kill me. Not to mention I still have a lot of junk I bought years ago. I realized the extent of it when I moved shop. So instead of buying the stuff I took pictures of it, and when I’ve had too much caffeine one of these mornings I will rummage through the junk yard on my camera and come up with something to make. I did walk away with a round dryer door for the chicken coop, and a pulley wheel, thats all, and thats pretty good for me.

I guess its been a lot of little jobs. I guess the cool thing about doing this blog is I forget what I get out of doing even the most boring job at the time. When I start thinking about something to write about it, I realize there’s always something in everything you do that you can walk away with. Especially if you put everything you have into it.

By the way I’m sorry for the confusing order of all the pictures, or lack there of. I have been trying to put them in places where they make sense, but turns out its not that easy.

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~ by jorybrigham on August 14, 2010.


  1. Some pretty amazing work bro, I’m trying to talk the boss into getting some pieces for our new office. Cheers, JORDAN

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